Sleepytime Tales Presents

Dermy, the Leprechaun

Picture of Dermy under the old oak tree

telling the tale of 'Little No Name'.

© 1996, Donald A. Cadogan, Ph.D.

Dermy invites you into the magic forest where everything is peaceful, restful and so relaxing.


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Little No Name

LITTLE NO NAME is a fairy tale written in the classical style and designed to capture the magical essence found in these ancient stories. According to psychologist Bruno Bettelheim, no form of narrative teaches and entertains as well as fairy tales. But Little No Name was also designed to draw on the modern science of hypnosis. It contains many direct and indirect hypnotic suggestions of the kind developed by the renown psychiatrist Milton Erickson. The story was crafted by Don Cadogan, a clinical psychologist, specifically to have an irresistible sleep producing effect. The author believes it may well be the most hypnotic fairy tale ever written.

Woven into the tale are frequent suggestions for security, trust, optimism, confidence, steadfastness, and especially for sleep. The need to face one's fears and to overcome them, as well as the quest for identity and for one's unique relationship to the world are played out and resolved in the tale. When the story is over, the forest rhythms begin a subliminal decrease in cadence as the tape progresses, thereby encouraging our bodily rhythms to slow and relax. This process also serves to enrich the sleep inducing properties of nature's nocturnal environment.

As a species, we have evolved with a preference for sleep at night. It is possible, therefore, that the nighttime forest environment contains elements designed by nature to aid our sleep. And this does seem so, for the subtle sounds and rhythms of the forest at night are indeed relaxing.


RAINY NIGHT IN THE MAGIC FOREST was developed to utilize this phenomenon. It combines the soothing whispers of a brook at night with the relaxing sound of a gentle rain. These sounds are similar to the background effects used to give greater magic to the story LITTLE NO NAME except during the rain the night birds and crickets are very quiet.

This tape was initially intended only for children, but was found to be just as effective with adults. Perhaps we are all really children in our hearts. In clinical trials with both children and adults, most fell asleep very quickly. And many claimed that, even with frequent listenings, they never heard the end of the tale. And these included people who suffered for years with insomnia.

SLEEPYTIME TALES was developed by Donald A. Cadogan, Ph.D., 134 S. Encinitas Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016. Tel. 626/303-8861. Dr. Cadogan is also the voice of "Dermy." Your comments about this tape are welcome.


LITTLE NO NAME is the story of a little girl who lives all alone in a great forest. The tale begins with her finally venturing forth to find out about the world and herself. On her journey she meets three lovable little creatures, a frog, a bee, and a bird who try to help her develop an identity. But they themselves are limited by the biases of their own meager experiences. All four struggle with separation anxiety, but draw strength and courage from each other as they travel through the forest. The attainment of needed sleep is a frequent occurrence on their journey which gives the tale part of its soporific influence. Little No Name and her three friends finally find their way out of the forest where they discover a house that somehow seems familiar to Little No Name. She and her friends are welcomed in by a kindly looking couple. The couple once had a girl like Little No Name, but, for unspecified reasons, no longer do. This leaves open the possibility that the couple are really Little No Name's parents, but this remains part of the mystery of their discovery. Little No Name finally gets a real name which suits her perfectly and leaves her confident that she now belongs in the world. The ardor of their journey and their kindness to each other, mostly lead by Little No Name, bonds their friendship. And so they all live together in the cottage by the forest--in true fairy tale fashion--happily ever after.

RAINY NIGHT IN THE MAGIC FOREST begins with an introduction and description of the Magic Forest by a little mythical forest creature (leprechaun) named Dermy. Dermy acts as a guide for us in the Magic Forest and helps us focus on different aspects of our experience. The words and phrases used by Dermy have a magical effect all their own. They add to the restful influences of the forest by promoting feelings of peace and security. When Dermy finishes and goes to sleep himself, the forest sounds continue, unfolding a soothing nocturnal hush, blended with the musical tonations of water flowing gently into a little pond. All of this is aided by the sound of a gentle rain that serves to enhance our feelings of comfort as we sleep warm and dry in our beds.

The forest rhythms then begin a subliminal decrease in cadence as the tape progresses, thereby encouraging our bodily rhythms to slow and relax. This process also serves to enrich the sleep including properties of nature's nocturnal environment. The experience was initially intended only for children, but was found to be just as effective with adults.

We at Sleepytime Tales believe that you and your family will find LITTLE NO NAME and RAINY NIGHT IN THE MAGIC FOREST uniquely restful experiences.

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