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Oak Tree Counseling

134 S. Encinitas Ave.

Monrovia, CA  91016



About Us

Oak Tree Counseling is an association of independent, licensed, mental health professionals that provides individual, couple and group psychotherapy in a warm and collegial setting. We have been serving the community in and around Monrovia, CA since 1987.  Many people from Los Angeles County have found our services to be convenient, friendly, and supportive.

We provide treatment for many issues including:

·         Relationship difficulties associated with marriage, couple, family social and work situations.

·         Personal growth.

·         Depression.

·         Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder and phobia

·         Substance abuse, including smoking

·         Stress

·         Obsessive Compulsive disorder

·         Impulse Disorders including trichotillomania

·         Sleep difficulties

·         Sexual problems

·         Memory enhancement

·         Eating disorders.

·         Pregnancy Issues

We also provide psychological testing. 

Treatment Procedures include: 

·         Individual Therapy

·         Couple and Marital Therapy

·         Sex Therapy

·         Family Therapy

·         Child/Adolescent Therapy

·         Parenting

·         Group Therapy

·         Hypnotherapy




The associates of Oak Tree Counseling are:



Donald A. Cadogan, Ph.D.

Don is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Fellow of the Prescribing Psychologists’ Register.  He has a general psychotherapy practice for adults, but with a sub-focus on anxiety disorders, depression, and relationship issues.  He has published research in professional publications, is the author of numerous articles on psychology, and has taught psychology at the college and graduate school level.  He is also the founder and director of Oak Tree Counseling.  To reach Don directly, call 626/641-6945.


For more information about Don please CLICK HERE.



Kimberly Micheli, M.A., MFT.

Kimberly is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and co-director of Oak Tree Counseling.   She offers group therapy for mood management, women’s issues, men and women’s interpersonal communications as well as adolescent group therapy.   Kimberly has extensive experience working with parents of young children, including prenatal anxiety management.  She has a sub specialty in post partum depression.  To reach Kimberly directly call 626/357-8086



Dena Lazar, M.A., MFT.

Dena is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She provides individual, couples and family therapy.  Her forte is women’s self-empowerment, co-dependency and personal growth.  She also specialized in working with couples in the areas of communication and intimacy. 


James Santiago, M.A. MFT.  James is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He works with both men and women and provides individual and couples counseling incorporating a variety of theoretical approaches to meet the individual’s needs.  James has a sub specialty in couples counseling and premarital counseling.  He has developed an effective premarital paradigm that helps couples identify compatibility issues, marital expectations, communication styles and potential conflicts involving physical and emotional intimacy.  To reach James directly call 626/483-0246


Kevin Rice, M.S.W., M.S., LCSW.  Kevin is a licensed clinical social worker.  He provides individual and couples counseling.  He is also noted for his expertise in crisis assessment, critical incident debriefing and mass disaster crisis intervention.  Kevin also has experience in forensic mental health and is a sought after speaker for training in the field of crisis intervention.


If you would like additional information about Kevin, please CLICK HERE.



Oak Tree Counseling is an association of independent therapists who draw on each others’ separate talents and experiences to provide quality treatment.  It is located in one of Monrovia’s many wonderful historic homes. The house was built in 1904 by William Johnson, an employee of Lucky Baldwin, and was used as a residence until modern times.  It was converted to counseling offices in 1987.  All efforts were made to preserve its historic, warm and friendly ambiance.  Coming into the waiting room is like traveling back to the turn of the last century.  But don’t worry; the counseling is modern and very up-to-date. 


Oak Tree Counseling office

 Circa 1904


If you would like a map to Oak Tree Counseling, Click Here.


To make an appointment with one of our therapists contact us at www.dacadogan@aol.com

    If your need is urgent call our on-call therapist at:  626/975-7275


Counseling Myths and Facts


Myth:  I am inadequate or weak if I cannot work out all my problems by myself.

Fact:  Learning to be independent is an important part of life.  But we also learn from each other  Recurring problems indicate that new insights and perhaps new tools are needed.   An experienced counselor can be most helpful here.


Myth:  Counseling can be expensive.

Fact:  Counseling can be surprisingly affordable especially considering the benefits to your quality of life.  Oak Tree Counseling offers reduced fees when necessary.


Myth:  Counseling will require me to lie on a couch three times a week for years.

Fact:  Counseling can be short term, aimed specifically at clearly identified problems.  And you can interact face-to-face with your therapist during weekly, and sometimes every-other-week, sessions.


Myth:  Counseling will make my private problems public.

Fact:  Counseling is confidential.   There are few legal exceptions to confidentiality rules.  They deal with protection of life and with child and elder abuse.


Myth:  No one can understand my particular problem.

Fact:  Counselors are trained to understand many situations and have often walked in the same shoes as many people like you.  These experiences, when combined with their training, enable counselors to understand even the most difficult problems.




Click on the following topics for staff written articles and for fun and informative quizzes.  New additions taken from Don Cadogan’s column series “The Way We Are” will also occur regularly.  (Articles are copyrighted.)



Are You a Giver or Taker?  Quiz

 A short quiz to help know your style off sharing in your love relationship and help make it equitable.


Are You a Jealous Person?Quiz

A short quiz to help you know if your suspicions tend to be habitually unfounded.


Are You Modern or Traditional?Quiz

A short quiz to help you know where your relationship values stand.


Are You Self-Accepting?Quiz

A short quiz to help you know how your self-esteem compares to others’.


A Time to Sleep

This article discusses sleep, insomnia and sleep induction techniques.


Can You Resist Temptation?Quiz

This is a short quiz to help you evaluate you ability to overcome unhealthy enticements.


Children in a divorce

Tips to help children after divorce.


Couple Communication

A brief illustrated article about some communication factors.


Creativity:  Its Cause and Cure

This article points out how parents sometimes inadvertently inhibit creative development.


Developing Self-Worth in Your Child

This article offers suggestions on fostering self-esteem in children.


Does Your Unconscious Mind Stop You From Loosing Weight?Quiz

Psychological factors that tend to prevent weight loss.


Happiness Zones in Marriage

Areas in marriage that are critical to its success.


How Do You Feel Today?

Fun illustrations of different moods.


How Self-Assertive Are You? Quiz

A short quiz and article about assertiveness.



An article about hypnosis and it clinical uses.


Is Stress Affecting Your Health?Quiz

A short quiz to help you determine your level of stress.


Is Your Drinking a Problem?Quiz

This is a short quiz used clinically to help uncover possible alcohol abuse.



An article about listening as an art and as a critical aspect of communication.


Love That Lasts

Eleven questions to ask yourself before marriage.  (Highly recommended.)


Mass Crisis Intervention -A Counselor’s Tale

A personal journey into the world of mass crisis counseling.


The “I” Message

An article on the importance and the technique of clear interpersonal communication.


What Type of Parent Are You? – Quiz

A short quiz and discussion of four parenting styles.


If you are having trouble sleeping or if you just need to relax, visit –

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